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Updated: Feb 25

DO NOT BEAT ON THE CAR UNTIL YOU HAVE THE FINAL PUMP GAS MAP. DOING SO ON A REVISION CAN POTENTIALLY HARM THE ENGINE AS IT HAS TO BE DATA LOGGED AND CHECKED FIRST! Once this step is complete, and while waiting for the next set of instructions, the car can be driven normally with no wide open throttle pulls being made.

Now that you've completed the initial setup, we are now ready to start the actual tuning process. You have loaded a "BASEMAP" into your vehicle. A BASEMAP is a proven, tested, and safe prebuilt starting point that the tuner designs based on all of your modification and is used on other similar setups. Every car is different and even two cars with the exact same set will have two completely different final maps. This starting point is a watered down version of the final product that your completed tune will be based off of. Boost, timing, and fuel are set well within safe limits meant as a safety for properly running cars to MINIMIZE failure.

Please note, as stated previously, a BASEMAP is meant to minimize failure. It has been tested on a vast majority of customer cars and has been proven to be safe. That DOES NOT guarantee a failure will not occur. Just as a completely stock engine/turbo/drivetrain with zero modifications can fail, a vehicle modified past stock will decrease the safety margin of error and a failure can occur. Failing, worn, or faulty parts that may have operated issue free on a stock car can almost immediately fail once more power is applied to them. This is the risk you take and accept when you modify your vehicle.


With the vehicle running, open the ECUTEK APP and go to MY CAR and then select Data logging. From there, select the gear icon at top right. This is the datalogging parameters selection.


2/25/24: You will select the file with a name starting with either a Q_ or Z_ (Q_BASIC/Q_RS/Z_BASIC/Z_FLEX/VQ37). Once you select it, all of the parameters required will auto populate and you will not be able to change them. Please note, if you haven't loaded the basemap in, you will be missing a lot of the parameters. You can also refer to the card in the box which will have a list of the parameters.


It is now time to send a test idle log. Going forward, this will be how you take and send a datalog. After the basemap, you will receive a revision, datalog it, send the log, and wait for your next revision. To datalog, you will go to MY CAR then select Data logging. From there, you will see the list you previously selected. At the bottom, you will see a circle button labeled START. That has how you start a datalog. To stop a datalog, the same button you pressed to start the log will now say STOP. Press STOP once the datalog is complete. PLEASE NOTE: THE CAR WILL NOT BE DRIVEN FOR THE INITIAL LOG. THIS WILL BE DONE AT IDLE. PLEASE TAKE A 10 SECOND LOG OF THE VEHCILE AT IDLE ONLY . Please make sure the car is up to temperature before taking a datalog. The coolant temperature should be at or over 185*f. You will be provided with specific instructions on how to do the remaining logs once this initial step has been completed.


Now that you've taken your test datalog, it is time to send it to your tuner to verify the list has been added correctly. In the ECUTEK main menu, select MY FILES then select Data logs. From there, you will see that the logs are labeled by date and time with the top log being the newest. Select the top log(the only log for the test). From there, you need to send it to the tuner. You will see the send file icon at the bottom of the log. Select that and then select "SEND TO SONICTUNED"

Once this is done, I will receive an email with all of the information from this step and send a detailed email for the next step. The car is not safe to race or beat on but can be driven normaly.


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